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My recent trip to Hawaii inspired this peachy coffee pefume. We were driving along the beach where the white crested waves were crashing into the black mossy green rocks jutting out of the silky white sand. The warm ocean breeze brought a surprisingly pleasant & comforting aroma with it - OMG the smell of coffee. As we drove further along the beach we found a small thatched roof cafe tucked under a towering banyan tree. We turned into the dirt road and parked. As we stepped out of the car we could hear the thunderous sound of waves crashing right below us. Now the aroma of coffee has mingled with the juicy ripe orange peaches set up on each table beckoning everyone to take a bite. As we walked towards the cafe we were welcomed by sweetness, the smell of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla from the frothing lattes served in white latte cups. This perfume recaptures the moment we sat down with the lattes at our table when the smell of juicy peaches mingled with coffee, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla.