Our Packaging

At BramiPure we strongly believe in the philosophy, “Caring for the environment is sharing the earth with all living things.”

Our goal is to be an eco-friendly brand and we have adoped naked packaging as a principle for the brandline. Everything from where we source ingredients to packaging is a reflection of this conscious decision.

But just saying we’re environmentally conscious isn’t enough - actions speak louder than words. 

We use eco-friendly containers and cut out unnecessary throwaway exterior packaging, so we can stay out of growing landfills. We use mainly recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable packaging, so as little waste is created as possible. 

Every tiny step we take to be environmentally-conscious is a step towards helping the environment and securing a brighter future for every living organism. By changing wasteful habits, we can conserve, protect, and take care of our planet. 

What packaging do we use, exactly?

Glass containers are used specifically for our body butters to provide the best possible protection from the elements. Glass is recyclable and can even be upcycled by customers as containers for other small things when finished and cleaned. 

Our lip balm containers are made with cardboard and a recyclable plastic inner lining. Would you have been able to guess it was cardboard by the beautiful exterior?

The labels we put on our products, as well as the shopping bags we place them in are made from recycled paper. The ink we use to stamp our brand name is used with plant-based ink.

Our wrapping tissue paper is made up of 20% postindustrial recycled content. The crinkle paper used to protect our products during shipping is recyclable and dye-free, making it non-toxic to humans and animals. 

The gift boxes and  we use are also made of acid-free paper and are 100% recyclable too! Our shipping boxes are recyclable as well!

Note: Compostable material should be composted or thrown into the trash, not recycled. Since it is biodegradable, it will break down.