How aromatherapy can help you

Aromatherapy is a practice that harnesses the therapeutic properties of essential oils distilled from plants to treat physical, mental and emotional ailments. The synergy of the chemical components in the essential oils provides this holistic therapeutic benefits.

A holistic approach to your symptoms will help your body to naturally build up strength and over time gain the ability to fight health issues. Our aromatherapy products are formulated to alleviate the overall concerns and the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing not just one symptom. We use science-based research to determine the therapeutic benefits from oils.

For instance, let's say you are overworked, stressed and working long hours to meet work deadlines. The symptoms of this means lack of sleep, stress from work will comprise your immune system and negatively impact your emotions.

Based on the above, I can create a blend - to help your body to cope better with stress, boost your immune system, improve your emotional well-being,  something to boost your concentration and something to sleep well.


Migraines and Headaches - To alleviate migraines and headaches we can create an aroma-stick to use as an inhaler, steam blend or a topical blend to apply.

Stress and Anxiety - blends using plant oils that can help you mind to calm down and relax.

Emotional Release - as humans our mind and thus our emotions are influenced by relationships, circumstances and moods. We can create an aroma-stick or topical blends to alleviate these issues.

Respiratory concerns - plants offer wonderful benefits to help us deal with breathing issues. We can formulate aroma sticks or topical, diffuser or steam blends.

Immune Support - When stressed our immune system will be compromised. Something to boost and help you recover from sickness or to prevent sickness.

Restless Sleep - blends to calm, relax and quiet your mind. Calming and quietening your mind and thoughts will help you have a restful night sleep.

Pregnancy Support - blends formulated specifically to help with your pregnancy needs. Blends that are safe to use during pregnancy to address nausea, dis-ease, discomforts, alleviate pain, and for emotional release.

Yoga, Meditation and Reiki oils - personalized oils that will help to address your body's needs and amplify the effects of yoga, meditation and reiki.

Skin problems - blends to address your skin's needs and make it healthy by calming, soothing, replenishing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating with much needed natural oils. Something to alleviate before the skin flare-ups.

 Here is a quote from International Federation of Aromatherapist website which describes it very aptly - 

Nowadays, aromatherapy is one of the most popular and effective forms of complementary therapy. The positive effects of aromatherapy are finally being proven through clinical research in laboratories around the world, despite the fact that the usefulness of these little oils has been empirical knowledge for thousands of years.”