At home spa with natural skincare products

You can take exceptional care of your skin right in your own home. As a matter of fact, you may even learn to love your skin more while caring for it at home. And plant based ingredients are the answer to keeping your skin looking and feeling its best, now and in the future.


An At-Home Plant Based Skincare Ritual You’ll Love

Self-care is more than a simple skincare routine. It’s taking time for yourself. It’s as much about the way you feel as your appearance. And self-care is essential in managing feelings of stress, as well as caring for your skin.


6 Steps to Setting up a Beautiful Self-Care Ritual at Home


  1. Create Your Sanctuary: Set the mood by lighting candles, clearing clutter, and informing family and roommates that you are taking time for yourself and wish to not be interrupted. 


  1. Cleanse Your Skin: Use a gentle plant based cleanser to cleanse away dirt and debris, and leave skin feeling fresh and supple.


  1. Treat Skin to a Mask: Masking is an often overlooked skincare step that is essential for keeping skin happy. Natural clay, plant extracts, and essential oils lend a calming sensation while offering a feeling of hydration and support. An instant skin pick-me-up.


  1. Refresh With a Hydrosol: Hydrosols are obtained by steam distilling petals and leaves. Perfect for refreshing skin post-mask. May also be used on the body.


  1. Soak in a Tea: Bath Tea is the ultimate at-home skincare ritual for spa-like vibes. Ideal when performed before bedtime, soaking in a tub filled with plant based ingredients melts away feelings of stress, and leaves skin feeling hydrated and strengthened. 


  1. Moisturization is Most Important: Seal in the benefits of other skin care steps and keep skin looking and feeling its best with proper moisturization. Body Butter offers a feel of rich moisture to thirsty skin, keeping it feeling silky soft and smooth.