Importance of Personalized Care

Many people seek the services of a Certified Aromatherapist because the aromatherapist has the education and training to formulate personalized blends. Personalized blends to address your specific concerns and issues not an off shelf generalized product.
We would love to see anyone who is looking to naturally nudge and boost the body's ability to heal. By naturally letting your body to heal itself, your body will reach an overall balanced state - homeostasis. This is not an instant remedy we are working to address the root cause and other underlying concerns that are contributing to your issues.
First of all, using safe products is very important. For even when you use all natural essential oils it can do more harm than good if you do not know how to blend it safely. Essential oils are potent made up of 100% organic natural chemicals. It is essential to have the knowledge and education to understand the chemicals before you get into the formulation of a blend.
Testing for purity of essential oils is another important factor. There are  many internet companies selling so called "natural and pure essential oils." If the company is adulterating using other cheaper natural oils the company can still claim it is a natural pure oil. Some companies adulterate the oils with toxic synthetic chemicals. The main reason for this is tested essential oils are very expensive. The point here is, if your purpose is to go natural by using pure products you have already lost the cause.
Essential oils have shelf life just as any other products and will oxidize after that. Oils will also oxidize if it is not stored properly. Using these oils can lead to many skin and nasal irritations.
Some plants have many different species within the same genus. Some species are calming while others have to be used with extra caution and control. If you are not aware of the species you will cause more damage to your skin than good.
Some of the plant species are endangered and over harvested. So companies source these oils unethically or adulterate essential oils with cheaper synthetic chemicals. This again will lead to skin irritations and sensitization issues.
We source oils that are sustainably produced and harvested. The oils we use are tested for purity. We know the chemical composition of the oils, species, variety, source, region it is grown, harvest season, and the method of distillation. All of this is important to understand the purity of the oils.
As a Certified Aromatherapist I source all the oils we use from a company that sells essential oils just for aromatherapist.
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