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My Quest for a Moisturizer

Hi! I am Anita. I have combination skin, with oily and dry spots, which made finding a moisturizer that worked well a very difficult endeavor. It got to the point where I had to use two to three different moisturizers, but even slathering that stuff on and reapplying often did little to alleviate my dry itchy skin. 

And thus my quest began for a minimalistic moisturizer for my combination skin that I can use on my face and my body. 

Growing up in Chennai, South India, we used natural, organic products for skin and hair care. My mom meticulously hand-crafted the products we used every day in small batches. Her ingredients were based on what was available seasonally. A lot of what she used was based on knowledge passed down to her by my grandmother, who used to tell my sisters and me about the monthly trips to the mountain she would take with her community to forage for wild herbs and plants. My grandma was very keen on using natural, locally-grown ingredients, and this philosophy was passed down to my mom, and then to me. 

And so I crafted my first moisturizer, Hibiscus Silk Body Butter. In just a few days of using this moisturizing agents, my skin felt hydrated, silky smooth, and satin-soft. Finally, a moisturizer that actually worked on my combination skin, and I no longer had to worry about dry itchy skin or having to reapply it so often. Just one application after my shower. As an added bonus, the uneven skin tone and dark spots on my face all that started fading out over time. Friends and even strangers complimented my skin. I shared the moisturizer with my family and friends, and everyone fell in love with this body butter and wanted more! 

And that's how BramiPure skincare started by going back to what I grew up with.

I wanted the brand line to be known as an eco-friendly brand and made a conscious decision to go with recyclable containers & naked packaging to minimize the brand's footprints on the planet. 

Please check out Our Mission statement and get to know us better.

What’s in Our Name

Brami in our name is an alternate spelling for Brahmi, a herb that has been used in India for over 3000 years. Brahmi is used in various treatments including Ayurvedic treatments in India. In Tamil language it's called "Vallarai Keerai".