Aromatherapy is a three thousand year old plant-based medicinal practice that works alongside practices like massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and in hospitals as complementary therapy.

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As a Certified Aromatherapist, I will work with you to understand your overall concerns and symptoms, also taking into account any medications you're taking. Based on that I will formulate a personalized and safe topical blend. Everyone is welcome! I also have the formal education to make blends for babies, children, pregnant and lactating women.

Areas Aromatherapy Can Help

Migraines & Headaches

Respiratory Concerns

Yoga, Meditation and Massage oils

Skin issues

Pregnancy Support

Restless Sleep

Stress, Tension & Anxiety

Immune Support


When I apply "Move Freely" oil on my knee and foot I get instant relief. At night I put it on and I can get a good night's sleep. After my shower in the morning I put it on the affected areas, get dressed and I have a few pain free hours to shop, go out for lunch or even take a walk. It allows me to move freely for a few hours. Thank You,

Betty Bresnahan

I use a nasal inhaler for the relief of hay fever, early spring allergy sneezing, stuffiness, itchy eyes. I have felt considerable relief using the inhaler. Also, I feel better about not using all the OTC decongestants. Jeff F

Jeffrey F.

I’ve been using the body butter cream for almost six months and I can say that I am addicting to it.  It has a nice  scent which makes me feel relaxed like I am in a spa.  The butter cream is living up to its name.  It melts on my skin like butter.  It makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated especially in the winter months.

Mai Nguyen

I was gifted the skincare and I just love it! It has a mild clean scent and it made my skin so silky soft even after hand washing.

Rosemarie P

I had trouble going to sleep at night. I have been using the sleep oil for months now. It helped me go to sleep easier!


I suffered from migraines every month sometimes with nausea. I didn't want to use Botox or any other medication my neurologist prescribed. I am currently using a steam blend made specially for me. I apply it right at the beginning of the migraine attack. It gives me pain relief. I steam 3 times a day. I also got the aroma stick which I use as well. It comes in handy when I am out and I can't get to do a steam therapy.

Ella P.

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